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Welcome! Not only is The Healing Sanctuary a unique and sacred space for healing and empowerment, but it is offered at an incredible value. You will not find another place that offers 200+ audios like the ones inside for $5 / month (tier 1).

While using The Healing Sanctuary, you will:

  • Positively and powerfully change the neural map of your mind. You will rewire your brain for success, confidence, ease, love, empowerment, and strength. Whatever you want to create, whoever it is you want to be, you will discover the tools to make this happen.
  • Let go of what's not serving you. Done with your anxiety? Finished with that story that keeps telling you that you're not enough? You bet you are. Let's write a new story for you and integrate it, ensuring it takes root and is PERMANENT. We do this one powerful meditation at a time. This is about LASTING results.
  • Heal in a way that is organic and evolves with your personal journey. Do you need instant relief, an emergency meditation, to stop intrusive thoughts? I got you covered. Do you want to energize yourself and embody who you're becoming with powerful manifesting meditations? There's an entire folder FULL of that. Are you ready to embrace self-love and become your own biggest supporter? Come on in, the self-love folder grows bigger all the time. As you heal, you will find what you need changing and growing. This is what makes The Healing Sanctuary so powerful. It will GROW WITH YOU.
    • There are over two dozen topics covered, in-depth, including: Affirmations, gratitude, chakras, grounding, manifesting, sleep, surrender, quantum healing + shifting, and so many more! Start your FREE TRIAL to see all of the powerful content inside!
    • The meditations and visualizations range in length from 5 minutes to 25 minutes, depending on how deep you want to go (and how much time and energy you have). The average length is 15 minutes. Some meditations, such as Surrender & Allow, are much longer and designed for deep rest.

Tier 1, the Library: Experience over 200 of the most powerful and unique guided meditations and visualizations you've ever tried (plus any new audios added in the future).

These meditations and visualizations are the result of over ten years of study, practice, and personal growth. I combine Eastern and Western practices for a truly unique experience. Every audio I make is carefully and intentionally designed to build upon and work with the others - essentially, the more you use them, the more your healing and growth will accelerate and expand. Everything I create is done so that you can feel better, brighter, and more empowered NOW. This isn't about feeling better some day. This is about your life changing for the better from the moment you step inside.

Try your first healing meditation today!

My heart is pounding so hard in my chest I feel it in every inch of my body. It's as if that's all I am - this thundering heart beat. My brain is no help - it's been hijacked - all it can think about it is the fact that my chest is getting tighter, I can't breathe, I'm paralyzed with fear, and my stomach is full of rocks.

You may know from personal experience what I'm describing - a full blown anxiety attack. Or you may know what it's like to feel as if you've lost control in a different way, perhaps not to anxiety, but to anger, depression, hopelessness, overwhelm, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, or just the world. Perhaps you feel you have lost control of your own potential, your own gifts, your own self, and no one sees or hears the real you.

Me? I used to lose myself to all of them. All the time. I had no sense of who I was inside, no connection to my inner Divine self, and so I was deeply affected by everything outside of me. I did not know who I was, the value I held, and the infinite power that was innate in me.

I only knew I needed one thing, and I needed it desperately:


I wanted to feel relief from my anxiety. From my self-doubt. My inner pain. From the sudden anger I would feel, which would fall away just as quickly and leave me feeling even more anxious than before.

I wanted to feel relief from always feeling lost and behind. Why did it seem like everyone knew what they were doing except for me? Where was MY inner guidance system? Did I even have one?

I did. And you do too.

Within you is a compass that guides you with the infinite energy of the Universe. You are not alone on your path. You are not meant to do this all on your own. Nor where you ever meant to feel like you're supposed to. We are meant to ask for help, guidance, love, and support from the All Knowing, All Loving Creator of the Universe.

And more importantly, we are meant to receive that help without fear, doubt, shame, or guilt. We are all worthy of receiving the Love of our own Divine creator. And we are all meant to know how easy it is to receive it.

Right here, in this breath, that guidance, that infinite Love, is within you. There is a Light inside of you ready to guide you to your most empowered, abundant, and authentic Self.

If you've heard enough and you're ready to tap into this and discover how loved, supported, guided, and valued you truly are, then I welcome you to take a deep breath and come inside. You can begin tapping in and restoring your own Inner connection with the guided meditations and healing audios inside The Healing Sanctuary.

I created them because I know what it's like to need relief right now. Not tomorrow. Not in five minutes. Right. Now. I believe in them so much that I use them myself - I am not just a guide in this healing journey. I am walking beside you, unlocking deeper layers of my own empowerment, Divinity, and true self right along with you.

Ask yourself:

What do I need in this moment? What do I need relief from?

Whatever it is you want relief from, there is a way out. There is a Divine guidance within you, and it can and will lead you to everything you are desiring - self-confidence, success, abundance, love, empowerment, deep inner connection, and more. To get started, hit subscribe and choose your entry option - The Library or The University (you can change tiers at anytime). And if you want to hear more, keep reading.


"Melissa has created the most beautiful online healing sanctuary. Her meditations always feel like a rainbow waterfall washing away stress, worry, and doubt - returning me to my natural state of well-being and love. She has such a loving and soothing presence that truly shifts my energy into the now."
- Cassandra L., Human Design Coach


"Melissa’s meditations are crafted with so much wisdom and intention. She guides the listener to a place of reflection and self-love, soothing us with beautiful sounds and inspiring us with powerful imagery.”
- Hillary E., Home Learning Coach & Educator

Tier 2, The University: Unlimited access to the fully library, PLUS all of my powerful courses for healing and personal transformation, including:

  • Manifesting Magic (A Law of Attraction Course)
    • Awaken to your true inner magic with this high energy, empowering course. It will help you to remember both how natural manifesting and working with energy are you to as a spiritual being, and how exciting and exhilarating it is to bring in the support of the infinite energy of the Universe. This course unlocks your power HERE and NOW. Whatever didn't work before, doesn't matter. What matters is that you're about to learn that you have the power to create your biggest dreams and desires, and that you are worthy of all of them.
  • Act As If
    • A 7 module course in manifesting, energy alignment, and co-creating with the Universe! This course is EXCLUSIVE to The Healing Sanctuary! This course is your guide through a powerful and transformative journey into manifesting your desire through high vibrational feelings. Through seven modules, we delve into relaxation, joy, gratitude, self-worth, trust, excitement, and expansion. Each day, you'll dive into powerful discussions, workbook exercises, guided meditations, and self-talk audios designed to elevate your vibration and align you with your deepest desires.
  • Empowering Visualizations
    • You have the power to reprogram you inner beliefs and self-talk into who you really are. Who is the REAL you? When you see yourself living your biggest, brightest, most empowered life, what do you see? With this visualizations, you won't just wish you could be that Self - you will bring it forth from within, like a fountain of light you are turning on. This course includes 21 transformative visualizations for everything from wealth and career goals to self-love and health.
  • Self-Care, Mindfulness, and Meditation
    • You are worthy of your own infinite, Divine love. You are worthy of feeling good. You deserve to feel nourished, supported, and in a state of ease and flow. In order to find that ease and flow, you need to get out of your mind and back into your heart. This course will guide you there through three powerful sections that all weave together and build on each other: you will begin with a powerful self-care journey, return to your inner self with mindfulness, and then nurture it all like beautiful garden you are growing with meditation.
  • Heal Your Life with Meditation and Visualization
    • This course is a deep dive into the fundamentals of healing. It covers belief systems, synapses, neuroplasticity, energy healing, the Law of Attraction and more! It's a wonderful one to use in conjunction with all the other courses, as it will deepen and enhance your experience with them.
  • 30 Day Vibration Raising Journey
    • There is a light inside of you brighter and more powerful than anything in this Universe. You carry the spark of the Divine within you, and when you return to that light, you burn away everything that doesn't vibrate in harmony with it. Over these next 30 days, you will immerse yourself in the most spiritual and healing journey you have embarked upon. You will finish it not just believing that you are the Universe, but knowing it, and knowing what that truly means.
  • Auto Suggestion and Self-Talk
    • Auto suggestion is a form of reprogramming and rewiring your mind and subconscious popularized by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich. In this course, you'll have access to deep and impactful mind audios for abundance, self-confidence, leadership, manifesting, self-love, and more! Many include a bonus sleep version that you can play as you fall asleep for even deeper healer and transformation. There is also an exclusive podcast episode that will tell you everything you need to know about how, when, and why to use these audios.
  • Root Chakra Healing Package
    • As the foundation of your entire energy system, the Root Chakra determines the health of everything that is built on top of it. Your Root Chakra is like a cup, and it is either strong and sturdy, or cracked, broken, and leaking. In order to heal any cracks in your foundation (or rebuild it entirely if it's unstable), you will use deeply healing guided meditations, journal prompts, healing affirmations, and a sound healing audio with Tibetan bowls.
  • Journey Through the Moon Cycle
    • Each week, you will pair a deep soul nourishing meditation with the cycle of the moon. These 4 meditations are infused with Reiki healing energy and will have you vibrating higher and brighter than you ever have. You can begin at any point, and use the meditations as you feel called to.
  • Bonus meditations and journal prompts
    • Your bonus packages include two workbooks for calm, spiritual awakening, and healing. There are also dozens of bonus meditations, healing audios, and podcast episodes exclusive to The University!

​You can cancel or switch tiers at any time.

About Your Host

Hi! I'm Melissa Field, the creator of The Healing Sanctuary. I've been creating my own guided meditations, visualizations, workbooks, and healing packages for ten years. I became passionate about creating healing audios when I realized they could do powerful things for rewiring our brains and rewriting our limiting beliefs and stories.

Due to a history of anxiety and depression, I've spent many years studying spirituality, psychology, healing, neuroplasticity, and our cosmic relationship to the energy of the Universe. I use everything I've learned when I create my meditations and visualizations to give you a truly unique and powerful healing experience that is unlike anything you've experienced before! I can't wait to connect with you inside The Healing Sanctuary and share with you all the tools I've designed for healing and vibrant living.

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The Healing Sanctuary Membership

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