DreamLife Manifestation Portal

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This manifestation portal is so powerful you're going to start transforming as soon as you enter!

But I don't want you to just take my word for it - I want you to come on in and try everything inside! If this is your first time here your first month is only $5! Use code "welcome" at checkout. Your newly empowered, abundant, expansive self is already inside, waiting to meet you.

This high vibrational vortex is for you if:

  • You're ready to expand and take yourself and your work to the next level
  • You know that mindset is an essential component of success, and you want to uplevel and quantum shift yours forward
  • You enjoy guided meditation and visualization, and are ready to use these powerful tools that will both rewire your neural networks and energetically align you with high vibrations
  • You understand the power of inner vision, intention setting, and energy alignment. You know that everything is energy and that there are powerful, higher-dimensional beings working on your behalf.
  • You have your own vision and you want to expand it and bring it to its full potential. You might be: an artist, musician, filmmaker, sound healer, yoga teacher/studio owner, content creator, public speaker, or anything else where you are following your passion.
  • You're self-motivated and understand you will get out of this membership what you put into it. The more you use the audios inside, the faster, bigger, and more profoundly your life will change!
  • You're ready to embrace your confidence, empowerment, and infinite ability to co-create with the Universe!
  • You're ready to get out of your comfort zone and see yourself and the Universe in beautiful new ways

Use the free Gumroad audio app to listen to your 250+ audios (see more below) or just stream from the web. All your files can be downloaded and are mobile friendly!

The manifestation audios are only the beginning!

What makes this vortex so powerful is how it supports ALL areas of your self and expansion. The heart and soul of this experience are the unique and highly effective Law of Attraction meditations and visualizations. However, the audios designed to support this are JUST AS IMPORTANT.

When it comes to manifesting, there are several things that can help a manifestation to arrive faster and easier. One of these is a solid foundation of self-love and worthiness. You will find over 30 audios dedicated to your self-love, worthiness, and personal empowerment.

Another important aspect is feeling a sense of calm. If you are feeling stressed or even desperate, you will not be in alignment with what you want. There are multiple folders that will support you when you feel anxious, overwhelmed, and in need of deep inner peace and rest.

You will also find yourself supported and nourished through folders dedicated to gratitude, mindfulness, trust, surrender, and even quantum shifting! As I said above, there's so much good stuff in here you'll just need to see it all to believe it.

Don't forget to enter code "WELCOME" for $25 off your first month!

The question now is not IF you will manifest, but how BIG will you let yourself dream? The sky's the limit!

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Guided meditations, visualizations, courses, and activation audios

35+ Manifesting & Law of Attraction audios
+ new audios added frequently
220+ Additional alignment audios with affirmations, gratitude, self-love, chakra healing, and more!
These support audios are just as powerful and important!
Act As If (Course)
7 module course for energy alignment with additional meditations!
The Power of Self-Talk (Course)
16 audios for rewiring and reprogramming your subconscious. These are the tools millionaires and billionaires use!
6 Instant Alignment Audios
Shift out of fear, doubt, and overwhelm in less than 5 minutes
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(9 ratings)
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$30 a month

DreamLife Manifestation Portal

9 ratings