The Healing Sanctuary

Melissa Field
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If you could step into your own private healing space any time you needed it, how would that help you?

What if you could feel yourself take a deep breath and release stress and fear as soon as you were inside? How would you use this space? How would your life transform? What would it mean for it to be yours to explore on your own, free of distraction?

When you step inside The Healing Sanctuary, you will find yourself in a safe space created to nourish, heal, and uplift you on all levels - mind, body, and soul.

Through a beautifully organized library, you will find the exact kind of healing, support, and inspiration you need. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, overwhelmed with self-doubt, or just feeling blah and unsure what you need, you will find something to soothe and restore you. Your library includes topics such as:

⋄ Restorative
⋄ Surrender
⋄ Gratitude
⋄ Self-Love

⋄ Trust & Faith
⋄ And 6 more!

Along with providing healing for stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, this library is full of resources for when you have positive momentum and you want to build on it. You'll find meditations for manifesting, creating quantum shifts through visualization, and vibration raising!

This unique healing resource can only be found right here!

You have two options for accessing The Healing Sanctuary:

$5 / month: Each week, you'll receive 1 new healing audio (either a meditation or visualization). You'll also get free access to my self-healing course and to the full library catalogue.

$10 / month: Includes everything in the $5 tier, plus an exclusive monthly meditation. These longer meditations are created with extra TLC to deepen your healing experience. You will also receive a private monthly podcast episode talking about spirituality, energy, and your relationship to the Universe.


“Melissa’s meditations are crafted with so much wisdom and intention. She guides the listener to a place of reflection and self-love, soothing us with beautiful sounds and inspiring us with powerful imagery.”
- Hillary E., Home Learning Coach & Educator

All memberships include a 1 week free trial
5 ratings
  • New audios added every week!

  • Access the full healing library
    over 90 audios
  • Guided Meditations
  • Empowering Visualizations
  • Self-Healing Workbook & Journal
    PDF (35 pages)
  • Spiritual Podcasts
    $10 tier
  • Exclusive Meditations
    $10 tier
  • Try Your First Week Free!
  • New audios added every week!
  • Access the full healing libraryover 90 audios
  • Guided Meditations
  • Empowering Visualizations
  • Self-Healing Workbook & JournalPDF (35 pages)
  • Spiritual Podcasts$10 tier
  • Exclusive Meditations$10 tier
  • Try Your First Week Free!


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