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The Healing Sanctuary

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The Healing Sanctuary

Melissa Field
2 ratings

Welcome to The Healing Sanctuary! As you prepare to enter, think first of what has brought you to the doors of this sacred space.

What is it you're struggling with? What would you like to surrender and have taken care of for you? What needs healing within you?

As you feel into what weighs on you, take a deep, expansive breath. And as you breathe in, see a beautiful white light in the center of your chest. Breathe into the peace and calm that dwells here within you, in this very moment.

Take a few deep breaths into this light, allowing each inhale to grow longer than the previous exhale.

And now see another white light pouring down on you from above. This white light pours down through you, and it's warm and soothing as it melts through your mind, melting through tension in your neck and shoulders, and then flooding into your heart.

This white light from above carries the infinite Love and healing of the Divine, and it is here to remind you that YOU are also a divine being. You are worthy of not only the deepest healing you can imagine, but a life filled with joy, love, and prosperity.

The white light from above fills your chest as it continues to pour down into you. As it does so, the light within you grows brighter and brighter as you are filled in every corner of your body with this nourishing Love.

Continue to breathe with this healing, expansive light. As you do so, know that it's not bringing something to you, but rather, reminding you of who you really are. It's clearing out everything that's gotten in the way of the truth of your being, so that your powerful, unlimited Self can once again shine from within.

Take one more deep breath, and as you breathe out, let go of everything you're done with. Everything that isn't you and never was.

Melissa has created the most beautiful online healing sanctuary. Her meditations always feel like a rainbow waterfall washing away stress, worry, and doubt - returning me to my natural state of well-being and love. She has such a loving and soothing presence that truly shifts my energy into the now."
- Cassandra L., Human Design Coach

When you step inside The Healing Sanctuary, you enter a sacred space that is designed to bring your inner Light back to life. It's a place where you can remember who you really are and what you're here to do.

You are here for a reason. Your existence, your very essence, is a gift to this world, and it's time you lived and breathed with the knowing that you have value and you are worthy.

Everything inside this space is created to heal and uplift you in the most nourishing and restorative ways possible. This is a space where you can close your eyes, relax your body, and surrender all you need help with to the infinite Love and support of the Divine.

Each audio inside holds a sacred intention - such as restoring harmony to your energy centers or magnetizing you to abundance and wealth. It is a safe and sacred space created to nourish, heal, and empower you on all levels - mind, body, and soul.

You are invited into this healing space in two ways:

Tier 1, The Library: $5 / month
Tier 2, The University: $15 / month

Inside The Library, you will have access to over 100 meditations and visualizationsplus each new weekly audio. Each of these powerful audios are created for deep healing, empowerment, and spiritual awakening.

When you join The University, you'll get access to the fully library, PLUS all of my powerful courses for healing and personal transformation, including:

  • Manifesting Magic (A Law of Attraction Course)
  • Empowering Visualizations
  • Self-Care, Mindfulness, and Meditation
  • Heal Your Life with Meditation and Visualization
  • 30 Day Vibration Raising Journey

You can cancel or switch tiers at any time.

If you're ready, try your first meditation right now, The Light Switch in Your Mind. During this meditation, you will flip on a light inside of your mind. This light will flood all of your dark corners of fear, anxiety and stress with the light of love and support. The light will also help to bring you clarity and guidance.

The first meditations I listened to were the Chakra Healing series and they are still some of my favorites. After listening to the Sacral Chakra meditation, I felt refreshed with a sense of calmness. I especially felt the healing in the area of my body we were meditating on. Melissa's voice has a hypnotic, deeply relaxing effect, and it's easy to allow yourself to fully surrender into her words. I love that there are a lot of meditations around 10 minutes long. They're perfect for in between teaching classes, when I'm on a break, and for a quick recharge. I listen to the Chakra Healing series the most, but I also use the Healing Sound Bath and visualizations as much as I can!"
      - Melissa Martinez, Pilates Instructor

“Melissa’s meditations are crafted with so much wisdom and intention. She guides the listener to a place of reflection and self-love, soothing us with beautiful sounds and inspiring us with powerful imagery.”
- Hillary E., Home Learning Coach & Educator

About Me

Hi! I'm Melissa Field, the creator of The Healing Sanctuary. I've been creating my own guided meditations for almost ten years. I became passionate about creating healing audios when I realized they could do powerful things for rewiring our brains and rewriting our limiting beliefs and stories. Due to a history of anxiety and depression, I've spent many years studying spirituality, psychology, healing, neuroplasticity, and our cosmic relationship to the energy of the Universe. I use everything I've learned when I create my meditations and visualizations to give you a truly unique and powerful healing experience that is unlike anything you've experienced before! I can't wait to connect with you inside The Healing Sanctuary and share with you all the tools I've designed for healing and vibrant living.

Unlimited access to the full healing library (Tiers 1 & 2)
over $500 in value
Powerful courses for transformation, growth, and manifesting (Tier 2)
over $900 in value


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