Throat Chakra Healing Package (Meditations, Affirmations, Sound Healing, Workbook)

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Find your voice, value your own unique self-expression, and heal your 5th chakra with this powerful healing package.

In this world, it can be challenging to speak your truth and fully express who you are. If you feel like you often hold yourself back, like your throat literally closes when you feel overwhelmed or anxious, then this package is for you.

Each meditation is designed to heal and balance your energy in a different way. Some of the meditations empower you to find your voice from within, some help you to release negative thoughts and self-talk, and some are created specifically for the throat chakra.

When you order this package, you will receive five powerful guided meditations that will open your throat chakra, bring you back into alignment, and awaken your inner spirit.

Along with your five transformative meditations, you will get a 15 page Throat Chakra workbook with journal prompts, visualizations, and essential oil suggestions. You will also receive a Throat Chakra Affirmation audio and a Throat Chakra sound healing audio.

During the course, I will often say energy center instead of chakra (pronounced chuk-ruh). As someone with a Western perspective, I feel energy center more accurately reflects myself and my work. I will, however, sometimes say chakra, as the ancient teachings of energy that originated in India are the foundations upon which everything I know was built.

How would it feel to know that your voice is valued? How would it feel to speak clearly and confidently and to know, you are an important person, and that you are worth listening to?

When we think of the Throat Chakra, we often think of our physical voice. We think of the voice we use to be heard, to speak our truth, and to express our powerful inner self. But your throat chakra is also about your inner voice - about honoring what you hear within you. It's about listening to your authentic self, and allowing that full, beautiful authentic self to then be expressed out into the world.

By healing your Throat chakra energy center, you open up the FLOW of the full spectrum of your voice - both inside and out. You allow yourself to speak clearly and confidently and to honor who you really are, on a soul level. You may have learned in the past that it's not safe to speak up, to take the lead, to be your true self, or to honor what your inner voice is telling you. You may have felt you had to put other people first and prioritize what they want, and to listen to them above your own inner whispers.

With this package, you will begin a powerful process of healing, unlearning, and relearning. You will rewire your brain so that your own voice no longer gets stuck in your throat, but instead projects out powerfully and clearly. And you will learn to cherish and prioritize your own inner voice, and to turn down the noise on what everyone else is telling you about how to think and feel and act.

This package will guide you into healing, balancing, and restoring your energetic flow with these empowering tools:

  • 5 Deeply healing guided meditations
  • Chakra-focused and energy healing journal prompts
  • Healing affirmations with healing music
  • Sound healing with Tibetan bowls.
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5 Guided Meditations, Sound Healing, Affirmations, + Workbook

15 Page Deep Dive Workbook + Journal
Throat Chakra Healing Meditation
12 minutes
The Blue Flame Meditation (Karmic Healing)
16 minutes
Your Supportive Inner Voice Meditation (2 versions)
10 and 25 minutes
Visualization to Feel Seen, Heard, and Empowered
18 minutes
The Beautiful Present Moment Meditation
15 minutes
Throat Energy Center Healing Affirmations
8 minutes
Throat Energy Center Sound Healing
6 minutes
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Throat Chakra Healing Package (Meditations, Affirmations, Sound Healing, Workbook)

0 ratings
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