Third Eye Chakra Healing Package (Meditations, Affirmations, Sound Healing, Workbook)

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You are deeply, loved, supported, and guided at all times. Right now, there are powerful guides and angels standing around you, ready to assist.

If you feel you cannot hear or sense their guidance, and you are feeling lost, alone, and disconnected, then this package will help you. Not only will it heal and balance your Third Eye chakra, but it will reconnect you to the powerful, loving, eternal guides, who are here for you. You will also restore your connection to the entire Universe with a powerful meditation that tunes you into your energy and how unlimited it is (You Are an Antennae to the Universe Guided Meditation).

Along with this, you will also receive the powerful Blue Light meditation. About this meditation:

This multi-purpose meditation can be used at many different times. You can first use it as a means to raise your energy and lift yourself out of a funk. As it is both deeply relaxing and uplifting, it will help you to shift your focus off of where you are and back onto where you want to be.

You can also use it when you’re wanting to either deepen or renew your connection to your inner guidance and your intuition. This meditation is designed to heal, clear, and balance your Third Eye Chakra.

It’s also great to use when you’re feeling disconnected from your own Divinity. It will help to remind you that you are a spiritual being, and within you is the energy and power that created the cosmos.

This is a comprehensive healing package that works on your mind, body, and soul. Your healing is going to be multi-faceted, layered, and deep. You will unlock and heal your Third Eye through journal prompts, healing audios, affirmations, and the guided meditations.

You are an intuitive being. You are deeply connected to the Universe. You may have felt that you do not have spiritual gifts, but as a Divine aspect of the Universe, you do! You just need to tap into them and remember who you really are. And this package is your doorway into that powerful inner Self.

This package will guide you into healing, balancing, and restoring your energetic flow with these empowering tools:

  • 5 Deeply healing guided meditations
  • Chakra-focused and energy healing journal prompts
  • Healing affirmations with healing music
  • Sound healing with Tibetan bowls.

During the course, I will often say energy center instead of chakra (pronounced chuk-ruh). As someone with a Western perspective, I feel energy center more accurately reflects myself and my work. I will, however, sometimes say chakra, as the ancient teachings of energy that originated in India are the foundations upon which everything I know was built.

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5 Guided Meditations, Sound Healing, Affirmations, + Workbook

16 Page Deep Dive Workbook + Journal
Third Eye Chakra Healing Meditation
11 minutes
The Blue Light Meditation
12 minutes
Angelic Support and Your Guidance Team
10 minutes
Third Eye Chakra Healing Meditation
12 minutes
You Are An Antennae to The Universe (Meditation)
19 minutes
Third Eye Energy Healing Affirmations
9 minutes
Third Eye Energy Sound Healing
6 minutes
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Third Eye Chakra Healing Package (Meditations, Affirmations, Sound Healing, Workbook)

0 ratings
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