Reiki Healing + Meditation (July)

Melissa Field
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This healing is offered on a donation basis - most people donate $1, $5, or $10. You can donate as little as $1 and know your contribution is valued and appreciated. The range is generally between $1 and $20.

By donating, you'll receive:

  • The current meditation infused with Reiki healing energy
  • The Reiki healing energy of the next circle (20 minutes)
  • The meditation to be included in the next healing circle
  • A New Moon Intention Setting Mini-Workbook

We're bringing this healing to the community to help foster love, support, and connection. We want you to feel good, and to enjoy the healing of an experienced Reiki practitioner at a fraction of the cost. Your donation will get you the current Reiki infused meditation PLUS it will automatically include you in the next Reiki healing circle (happening July 28th at 8PM PST - you don't have to be available - the energy is sent to everyone who donates!).

The current Reiki healing meditation is a beautiful 24 minute deeply healing experience. It will bring you healing and restoration on all levels - mind, body, and soul. It will leave you feeling nourished, loved, supported, and connected to the infinite, divine energy of the Universe.

It includes powerful visuals of golden lights that will stimulate deep levels of healing. Additionally, it's infused with the energy of our last Reiki healing circle, meaning it contains ALL the healing that was sent to everyone who joined. This healing is expansive and powerful.

Don't worry if don't think you'll be available for July's healing circle - you will be included in the healing and receive it no matter where you are or what you're doing. On the day and time of the healing (July 28th 8PM PST), we will send the energy to everyone who has donated and joined. There is no Zoom link or group to join. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the meditation (you will also receive the July meditation to use for that healing circle if you choose).

If you intend to sit and meditate during the 20 minute healing session, we'll remind you it's beginning with an email. There is nothing additional you need to do - your donation for this meditation is your ticket in!

If you know someone who would benefit from this offering, please share it!

Because the donation is a symbolic gesture of wanting to receive the healing, we can only include people who donate, so please let them know about this page.

Thank you so much! We look forward to healing with you. I'm Melissa, the creator of the meditation. You can find me on Instagram @meditate_with_melissa. And you can find the Reiki healer, Crystal, on Instagram @the_divine_nerd.

  • Golden Light Meditation Infused with Reiki

  • + July Healing Circle
    Reiki Healing
  • + July Guided Meditation
  • + New Moon Intention Setting
    PDF (4 pages)
  • Golden Light Meditation Infused with Reiki
  • + July Healing CircleReiki Healing
  • + July Guided MeditationMP3
  • + New Moon Intention SettingPDF (4 pages)
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Reiki Healing + Meditation (July)

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