Numerology Reading + Reiki Healing & Guided Meditation

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Numerology Reading + Reiki Healing & Guided Meditation

Melissa Field
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With this offer, you may order the Numerology chart only ($20) or donate an additional $5 for 20 minutes of Reiki healing + three exclusive guided meditations (available only with the Reiki healing!).

The next Reiki healing circle will be October 9th. See below for more details!

​What is numerology?

Numerology is the study of the mystical relationship between numbers and energy. Each letter of the alphabet has a numerical association, which allows a Numerologist to understand the vibration of your name and birth date. By knowing the core vibrations encoded within you, you can deepen your understanding of yourself, the Universe, and the unique path you walk in this lifetime.

When you receive your Numerology Chart, it will be like you're reading a blueprint of your soul. It will illuminate things about yourself you've felt but couldn't explain. 

Your reading will cover:

Life Path
Heart's Desire
Karmic Numbers
Planes of Expression
And more! See below for the full list of topics covered.

When you open your Numerology reading, it will be liking opening a guidebook to your inner world. If you've ever wished you could look at a map of where you are, where you've been, and where you're going, then this is what you've been looking for!

Numerology readings provide light and guidance, insight and clarity. They can provide comfort and reassurance when you want to take a step but are unsure if it's in the right direction. And they can reconnect you to the love and support of the Universe by showing you that your life isn't random happenstance - rather, it is mystically interwoven into the fabric of the cosmos.

Numerology is part science and part mystical art. It's like a map of what was in the stars the day you were born. By studying the vibration of your numbers, you can also get a picture of what energetic cycle you're in.

Sample Portion of an Energy Forecast:

Your Personal Month for July 2022 is 5

Jamie, July is a 5 Personal Month in a 7 Personal Year. It is a time of unexpected events. Be flexible, especially in thought. Let old concepts and dogma go. This is a time of incredible growth, mentally as well as spiritually, but you have to allow such growth to occur. New information comes to you. You have the opportunity to change old ideas about life or people. Your circumstances could even change. Travel is also possible and favorable. A sudden phone call could put you on the plane the next day. Letters or phone calls could come from people you have not heard from in a long time.

In-Depth Reading Covering All Aspects of Your Chart (27 sections) Delivered within 24 hours
12 month energy forecast
8 Page Companion Workbook & Journal
20 minutes of Reiki Healing
3 Guided Meditations Infused with Reiki Energy
New Moon Intention Setting Sheet
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