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Learn to Meditate (Easy, Beginner Friendly Course with Guided Meditations + Workbook)

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This course is so easy and effective, I guarantee you'll be meditating on the first day. By the end, you'll have easily and joyfully established a meditation practice that nourishes your mind, body, and soul.

These are the foundations of this course: Ease, joy, and success.

Your meditation journey begins today, and it begins with ease and a knowing that yes, you can meditate.

Even without me telling you anything, you can meditate. I'm not going to ask you to trust me, I'm just going to show you. I welcome you to try the first meditation from this course, right here and now (it will only take 2 minutes):

​If you completed the above meditation, then YES, you can meditate!

Now imagine doing that for 2 minutes longer tomorrow. Does that feel possible? If yes, then you're ready to start building your meditation practice. In fact, you've already started, and all you have to do is keep going. If that seems too easy, then I invite you to join this course and find out how easy and enjoyable meditation really can be. Each meditation will follow a similar style to the one above.

Each day, you will find out how healing it is to slow down, focus on your breath, and experience mindfulness. ​As each meditation is only two minutes longer than the one before, you will gradually be eased into your full practice.

You will take new things in one at a time, in a way that is both gentle and supportive.​Each meditation will allow you to deepen what you learned previously. Eventually, you will reach the full 20 minute meditation. This may sound impossible at this time, but you will get there, 2 minutes at a time. 

When you reach the full 20 minute meditation, you will have a chance to experience the spaciousness and calm healing of a full meditation session. And if that sounds intimidating or overwhelming to think about, don't worry - you are encouraged to take your time getting there. You can do the shorter meditations many times, staying at 5 minutes, or even 2 minutes, for as long as it feels right.

This isn't about rushing to the end of the course. It's about feeling the peace and ease that you deserve, right here and now.

These meditations are yours to keep for life.

No matter where your journey takes you after this, you will always have these meditations to come back to you. You can return to these deeply healing and empowering foundations as many times as you need.

This course is for you if:
• You've never meditated before
• You've fallen off your meditation practice and you're looking to get back into it
​• You've struggled to enjoy meditation
• You're looking for a series of meditations you can use anytime with various lengths
• You want to find relief from stress, anxiety, depression
• You want to feel more connected to your own Self
• You want a simple course that isn't overwhelming
• You want something that is both effective and accessible

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Simple, effective, easy to follow course

10 guide meditations
4 bonus meditations
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Learn to Meditate (Easy, Beginner Friendly Course with Guided Meditations + Workbook)

1 rating
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