Manifesting & Vibration Raising Meditations

Melissa Field
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These are three of the most powerful and energizing meditations I've ever made.

Your first meditation will raise your vibration and is a powerful tool in manifesting the life you dream of. Your second two guided meditations focus on creating a positive inner shift and uplifting your mood. If you're working on manifesting, raising your vibration, or just experiencing more positive moods on a daily basis, then you will want these meditations.

Meditation 1 - Manifesting Your Best Life

This powerful guided meditation will lead you into the energy of your highest and best self. It will help you to align with the energy of all you dream of - abundance, health, relationships, and more! Utilizing the principles of the Law of Attraction, as well as empowering words and questions, you will find your energy raising as you awaken to your true self! This experience will leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and in touch with unlimited Inner Self.

Meditation 2 - Soul Affirming Affirmations

The unique meditation is a series of positive, soul affirming affirmations and uplifting questions. These affirmations are designed to connect you to your cosmic self, to your eternal, Divine being. These affirmations will awaken you to your true, inner Self. You will feel empowered and expanded as you listen to them.

This meditation also includes uplifting questions that will deepen your experience. These questions will allow you to reflect on who and what you really are. You will finish this experience with a profound sense of calm and inner knowing.

Meditation 3 - Positive Visualizations

The third meditation takes you through a series of positive visual suggestions. If you find your mind wandering while meditating, this soulful audio will help you to both focus and effortlessly raise your vibration.

As you are taken through the visual suggestions, allow yourself to let go and just go with what's happening. The experience will build on itself, and without any effort, you will find yourself in a deep part of your subconscious. You will have access to new insights, healing, and the part of you that feels awe and joy at being alive.

These positive visuals are designed to both tune you into a deep sense of appreciation for life and to stimulate your connection to something bigger. It's a really fun experience and will show you that there really are unlimited ways to meditate and explore you subconscious.

  • Three Guided Meditations with Music

  • Manifesting Your Best Life
    20 minutes
  • Positive Visualizations
    20 minutes
  • Soul Affirming Affirmations
    20 minutes
  • Three Guided Meditations with Music
  • Manifesting Your Best Life20 minutes
  • Positive Visualizations20 minutes
  • Soul Affirming Affirmations20 minutes
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Manifesting & Vibration Raising Meditations

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