Manifesting Magic (A Law of Attraction Course)

Melissa Field
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Imagine this: You wakeup tomorrow and you are so excited for the day ahead you practically leap out of bed. You cannot wait to see what new magic shows up today. Each day of your life is in such perfect alignment and flow that you know, something incredible is going to happen today. You can feel it. The anticipation is so rich with good vibes, it’s as if this incredible new gift is already here, right at your fingertips, waiting for you to open it.

If this is how you'd like to start your day, every day, then you're in the right place!

While using this course, you will learn how easy it is to see your life transform into the one you've always dreamed of. You will learn how to effortlessly manifest abundance, love, and whatever else you desire!

This powerful course will help you to:

• Understand what the Law of Attraction is in a deep and comprehensive way
• Tune into your energy and finesse it into the vibration that you want
Relax and manifest abundance, career, and relationship goals through meditation
​• Raise your vibration and feel empowered and worthy of everything you desire
Accelerate your manifestations through the power of journaling

Your course unfolds over 11 modules and includes FIFTEEN powerful meditations that will energize, uplift, and align you. These high vibrating meditations are your keys to unlocking the unlimited energy that is within you, right here and now. 

Each of these meditations will shift and awaken you, raising your energy to match the energy of your inner vision. If this is your first time working with energy and the Law of Attraction, you are going to love this experience. It will essentially take you from understanding, on an intellectual level, that you are an energetic being, to experiencing what this means in our physical world.

​From day 1, you're going to play with your energy and dive in and have fun! Manifesting, at its core, is all about aligning with what brings you joy! When you align with your joy, you align with that which you desire, and that is when the magic begins.

Imagine this: You are on day 1 of this course. Your body is tingling with the knowing that you are about to experience something profound. Your life is about to change. You are about to awaken to the unlimited power that has been dormant inside of you your whole life. You are about to open yourself up to the true majesty of yourself as an energetic being. You open your workbook for Day 1, you start reading, and you can feel, 'This is good. This is going to change everything. I am in exactly the right place. I am on the right path. I am so loved and supported by the Universe it's unbelievable. Something incredible is happening right now.'

2 ratings
  • Lifetime Access to all 15 audios + deep dive workbook!

  • 11 High Vibrating Law of Attraction Meditations
  • Powerful Manifesting Meditation
  • Uplifting Morning Meditation
  • Meditation for Visualizing Success
  • Empowering Intention Setting Meditation
  • 72 page high energy workbook
  • Lifetime Access to all 15 audios + deep dive workbook!
  • 11 High Vibrating Law of Attraction Meditationsmp3s
  • Powerful Manifesting Meditationmp3
  • Uplifting Morning Meditationmp3
  • Meditation for Visualizing Successmp3
  • Empowering Intention Setting Meditationmp3
  • 72 page high energy workbookPDF


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Manifesting Magic (A Law of Attraction Course)

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