Manifesting Magic (A Law of Attraction Course)

Melissa Field
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From the moment you pick up your pen and begin, this course will have you experiencing the power of your own energy and the magic of co-creation. It's one thing to read about how to manifest and use the Law of Attraction, and it's a whole another to actually step into it and play with it like clay you are molding.

This course is fully interactive and will get you playing with energy and the Law of Attraction as if you've already mastered it. It will take you deep into the unlimited and infinite power that resides within you, right here and now.

Each day of this course covers a different but essential component of manifesting, such as visualization or self-worth.

This is one of the most important features of this course - it will teach you how to weave together ALL the threads of a successful manifestation. Manifesting is about so much more than having a desire - it's about feeling into the energy of it, positively expecting it, feeling good where you are, and so on. When you approach your manifesting in this multi-faceted way, you truly start to work with your inner magic and the unlimited magic of the Universe.

By using this course, you will discover how easy and fun it is to work with your own energy and the energy of the Universe!

Imagine this: You are on Day 1 of this course. Your body is tingling with the knowing that you are about to experience something profound. Your life is about to change. You are about to awaken to the unlimited power that has been dormant inside of you your whole life. You are about to open yourself up to the true majesty of yourself as an energetic being. You open your workbook for Day 1, you start reading, and you can feel, 'This is good. This is going to change everything. I am in exactly the right place. I am on the right path. I am so loved and supported by the Universe it's unbelievable. Something incredible is happening right now.'

Each day, you'll fully dive into one of ten topics through high energy journal prompts that will get your thoughts, beliefs, intentions, and energy flowing in the direction you want to go. You will then use a unique meditation created specifically for that topic, which will get you feeling the energy in your body.

This one-of-a-kind full mind-body manifesting experience was created and designed by Melissa. It was carefully crafted after years of studying the Law of Attraction, thoughts, beliefs, energy, meditation, visualization, and so much more!

Imagine this: You wakeup tomorrow and you are so excited for the day ahead you practically leap out of bed. You cannot wait to see what new magic shows up today. Each day of your life is in such perfect alignment and flow that you know, something incredible is going to happen today. You can feel it. The anticipation is so rich with good vibes, it’s as if this incredible new gift is already here, right at your fingertips, waiting for you to open it.

If this is how you'd like to start your day, every day, then you're in the right place! While using this course, you will learn how easy it is to see your life transform into the one you've always dreamed of. You will learn how to effortlessly manifest abundance, love, and whatever else you desire!

The digital version of this course is included in Tier 2 of The Healing Sanctuary. Click HERE to learn more.

  • Lifetime Access to all content included!

  • 11 Modules for an immersive journey through all aspects of Manifesting
  • 11 High Vibrating Law of Attraction Meditations
  • Powerful Manifesting Meditation
  • Uplifting Morning Meditation
  • Meditation for Visualizing Success
  • Empowering Intention Setting Meditation
  • 72 page HIGH ENERGY workbook
  • Bonus Meditations + Journal Pages for Manifesting Post Course
  • Lifetime Access to all content included!
  • 11 Modules for an immersive journey through all aspects of Manifesting
  • 11 High Vibrating Law of Attraction Meditationsmp3s
  • Powerful Manifesting Meditationmp3
  • Uplifting Morning Meditationmp3
  • Meditation for Visualizing Successmp3
  • Empowering Intention Setting Meditationmp3
  • 72 page HIGH ENERGY workbookPDF
  • Bonus Meditations + Journal Pages for Manifesting Post Course


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Manifesting Magic (A Law of Attraction Course)

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