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Journey Through the Moon Cycle: Healing + Soul Nourishment

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Journey Through the Moon Cycle: Healing + Soul Nourishment

Melissa Field
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Take a journey deep into your own healing as you work with the cycle of the moon. Each one of these meditations is infused with powerful Reiki healing energy for an even deeper experience.

For the next four weeks, you will pair powerful guided meditations with the phases of Luna, our moon. Each week, you will have a guided meditation that works with that week's moon phase. For the New Moon and Full Moon, you will also receive a workbook and journal.

This journey is open ended, meaning you can jump in at any time. You can begin with the New Moon, the waxing or waning crescents, or the Full Moon. You simply use the meditation (and optional workbooks) for that week, and then move onto the next week.

You can go through this journey as many times as you like. Each time you do so, you will go deeper into your own healing, intuition, and divine feminine energy.

Your meditations include:

  • Divine Feminine + New Moon Reiki Meditation (22m 0s)
    If you are in a process of change or transition, this meditation will help you with clearing out the old and embracing the new. It will also deeply connect you with our moon, Luna, and with the energy of the Divine Feminine.
  • The Light of the Universe (14m 29s)
    This beautiful and deeply healing guided meditation will soothe your soul, heal your mind and body, and bring you into a state of deep communion with the Universe and your Higher Self. It's a wonderful meditation to use when you need to relax, restore, and feel nourished.
  • Full Moon Healing Meditation (21m 21s)
    This meditation will deeply connect you to the light of Luna, the light of her full moon. It will bring you harmony, healing and connect you to your Higher Self.
  • Golden Light Bath Reiki Meditation (24m 0s)
    This beautiful meditation is infused with the powerful healing energy of Reiki. It will bring balance, peace, and divinity into your mind, body, and soul, as well as rinsing you of all you're done with and ready to let go of.
  • A Warm, Golden Glow (22m 46s)
    This meditation will help you to release all your stress. It will feel like a chill pill for your entire mind and body, and will soothe and heal you as you deeply relax and surrender.

Sample meditation:

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4 Powerful Meditations, Moon Workbooks, + Bonus Meditation