Self-Care, Mindfulness, & Meditation

Melissa Field
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Ready for a self-care practice you can begin right now? Try this: Put your hands on your heart, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths.

Afterwards, come back and continue reading.

The above exercise is small in nature, but when done during moments of stress, overwhelm, and anxiety, can have a big impact. This is the type of self-care you'll be learning in this course. You're about to learn how to implement self-care and meditation into your life in ways that are realistic and doable. You won't need a lot of extra time. You won't need to make big, sweeping changes.

All you'll need is a few extra minutes each day and a desire to feel better.

During this course, you will discover and implement the nourishing benefits of Self-Care. Your course will unfold over a three part journey, diving fully into each subject: Self-Care, Mindfulness, and Meditation.

Each of these parts supports and enhances the other. For example, if you've ever struggled to build or maintain a meditation practice, it may be because your self-care was undeveloped. Without a healthy sense of your self-care needs, why they're important, and why you deserve to have them nourished, you are far more likely to let your meditation practice fall to the background.

Meditation in itself is an act of self-care. It is a time of renewal, release, and pausing.

The more you meditate, the more aware you will be of yourself and your feelings. This awareness will help you to acknowledge when and how you're in need of Self-Care.

This awareness of yourself in the present moment is at the heart of mindfulness. Thus, part two of this course is an introduction to mindfulness. It will make mindfulness easy and accessible, and you'll be experiencing its benefits in no time.

Once you have a strong mindfulness foundation, you'll deepen your self-awareness, which will allow deeper healing and self-care during your meditation. By approaching your healing from this three prong perspective, you will find the habits and changes you make securely taking snug root within you.

This course is designed to make real and lasting changes in your life.

This journey is for you if:

• You want to learn how to say no more often without feeling guilty
• You want to build a meditation practice with ease
​• You've struggled to make Self-Care a priority
• You want to reduce your stress and live a more joy-filled life
• You want to get to know yourself better in a loving and supportive way

2 ratings
  • 50 Page Workbook + guided meditations + mindfulness exercises

  • 3 Deeply Healing Self-Care Meditations
  • Guided Mindfulness Meditation
  • 10 Meditation Foundations
  • 5 Bonus Meditations
  • Self-Care Journal Prompts
  • Building A Daily Meditation Practice
  • Learning the Art of Mindfulness
  • 50 Page Workbook + guided meditations + mindfulness exercises
  • 3 Deeply Healing Self-Care Meditationsmp3s
  • Guided Mindfulness Meditationmp3
  • 10 Meditation Foundationsmp3s
  • 5 Bonus Meditationsmp3s
  • Self-Care Journal PromptsPDF
  • Building A Daily Meditation PracticePDF
  • Learning the Art of MindfulnessPDF


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Self-Care, Mindfulness, & Meditation

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