Self-Care, Mindfulness, & Meditation

Melissa Field
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This soul nourishing course weaves together meditation, mindfulness, and self-care in a unique and powerful way. Often, these subjects are presented separately as individual courses. When they are approached in this way, true transformation and change can be harder to come by.

This is because each one of these subjects is enhanced and supported by the others. When they are approached in this way, as interwoven threads, you will find how important each one is to the other:

  • In order to build and maintain a meditation practice, you must learn to prioritize self-care
  • In order to prioritize self-care, you must be aware of your feelings and needs, which is done through mindfulness
  • To make mindfulness a part of your life, you need a solid meditation practice

During this course, you will experience how Meditation, Self-Care, and Mindfulness seamlessly loop together in an ever-evolving path of healing and nourishment. When you approach all three together in this way, you have a chance to give your mind, body, and soul what they really need.

This package is designed to be accessible to people of all levels and experience with meditation and self-care. Whether you are entirely new to these subjects or looking to expand your foundations, this package will take you a on journey of self-love and deep inner connection.

This journey is for you if:

• You want to learn to value your time, energy, and boundaries
• You want to feel nourished and supported
​• You want to begin or deepen a meditation practice
• You want to implement self-care in a sustainable way
• You want to get to know yourself better

This course is included in Tier 2 of The Healing Sanctuary. Click HERE to learn more.

  • 76 Page Workbook + guided meditations + mindfulness exercises

  • 3 Deeply Healing Self-Care Meditations
  • Guided Mindfulness Meditation
  • 10 Meditation Foundations
  • 8 Bonus Meditations
  • Self-Care Journal Prompts
  • Building A Daily Meditation Practice
  • Learning the Art of Mindfulness
  • 76 Page Workbook + guided meditations + mindfulness exercises
  • 3 Deeply Healing Self-Care Meditationsmp3s
  • Guided Mindfulness Meditationmp3
  • 10 Meditation Foundationsmp3s
  • 8 Bonus Meditationsmp3s
  • Self-Care Journal PromptsPDF
  • Building A Daily Meditation PracticePDF
  • Learning the Art of MindfulnessPDF


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Self-Care, Mindfulness, & Meditation

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