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Self-Care, Mindfulness, & Meditation

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Self-Care, Mindfulness, & Meditation

Melissa Field
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During this course, you will experience how Meditation, Self-Care, and Mindfulness seamlessly loop together in an ever-evolving path of healing and nourishment. When you approach all three together in this way, you have a chance to give your mind, body, and soul what they really need.

This package is designed to be accessible to people of all levels and experience with meditation and self-care. Whether you are entirely new to these subjects or looking to expand your foundations, this package will take you a on journey of self-love and deep inner connection.

Part 1: Self-Care

Your course begins by immersing you in Self-Care and Self-Love. Through the workbook and journal, you will learn why self-care is important, how to prioritize it, and gain a deeper understanding of your own Self. You will also receive three deeply healing guided meditations. These meditations will support and nourish you for years to come, and are ones you're going to want to keep coming back to long after the course has ended.

Part 2: Mindfulness

In part 2 of this course, you will be introduced to mindfulness. Throughout this workbook, you will learn what it is, how it can benefit you, and how to begin practicing it. You will be guided through several mindfulness exercises that will help you to see how easy and accessible it is. Mindfulness will become something you naturally integrate into your life. Along with your workbook exercises, you will also get a Mindfulness Meditation that you can use anytime you need a moment to breathe and come back to your center.

Part 3: Meditation

In Part 3, you will learn how to build a daily meditation practice. Not only will you lay the foundation of a regular meditation practice, but using my unique 10-step method, you will be surprised how easy and enjoyable it is. This process was designed with your well-being and comfort in mind. It is unlike others in that you will begin meditating with your first breath, in your first audio. It requires no previous meditation experience. There are no complicated techniques involved. All that's needed is a few minutes each day and a quiet space where you won't be disturbed.

If you're wondering if you really can enjoy meditation, I encourage you to try the first meditation below.

To truly get a feel for how this will go, try to do this meditation as if you are already in the course. By this, I mean to use it in a quiet space, preferably one that is semi-dark. If it's accessible to you, use headphones. And lastly, silence your phone and ensure you won't be interrupted for the next 2 minutes.

​If you completed the above meditation, then YES, you can meditate!

Now imagine doing that for 2 minutes longer tomorrow. Does that feel possible? If yes, then you're ready to start building  your meditation practice. In fact, you've already started, and all you have to do is keep going. If that seems too easy, then I invite you to join this course and find out how easy and enjoyable self-care and meditation really can be. 

While using this course, you will experience:
• Reduced stress
• Increased feelings of calm and ease
• How to be more present and centered
• The benefits of meditation
​• The power of self-awareness
​• Self-love and how to cultivate it​

Each day, you will find out how healing it is to slow down, focus on your breath, and allow yourself space to just be. ​As each meditation is only two minutes longer than the one before, you will gradually be eased into your full practice.​ You will take new things in one at a time, in a way that is both gentle and supportive.

​Each meditation will allow you to deepen what you learned previously. Eventually, you will reach a full 20 minute meditation. This may sound impossible at this time, but you will get there, 2 minutes at a time. When you reach the full 20 minute meditation, you will have a chance to experience the spaciousness and calm healing of a full meditation session.

As with the other two parts, this part includes an immersive workbook. It will walk you through every step of your learning and growth process. Not only that, it will build on what came before it, incorporating deep self-care and self-love with the beauty of mindfulness.

This course is included in Tier 2 of The Healing Sanctuary. Click HERE to learn more.

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76 Page Workbook + guided meditations + mindfulness exercises

3 Deeply Healing Self-Care Meditations
Guided Mindfulness Meditation
10 Meditation Foundations
8 Bonus Meditations
Self-Care Journal Prompts
Building A Daily Meditation Practice
Learning the Art of Mindfulness


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