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Heart Chakra Healing Package (Meditations, Affirmations, Sound Healing, Workbook)

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​While using this package, you will feel more centered, more at peace, and more in touch with the love and divinity that resides within you.

With this package, you will:

​• Heal your Heart Chakra and remember that you are worthy of love, just as you are
• Experience a renewed sense of inner peace
​• Feel your inner wounds from past experiences soothed and healed as you surrender them to the Divine
​​• Find peace and calm as you bring balance and healing into your heart and soul

You will release dark and heavy energies created from past traumas, low self-esteem, anxiety, and anything else that causes you anguish. You will also release the energy and feelings you took on from other people. And at the same time, you will feel the eternal love that resides within you. You will feel your spirits raise and your heart heal as you tune back into the power of the love that shines within you at all times.

As the bridge between your upper and lower chakras, your Heart Chakra is one of the most powerful energy centers in your body.

It is most famous for being our center of love, and as the center of love, it encompasses ALL love. Not just the love you have for other people and your own self - but also the Divine love that you are. You don't just give and receive love. You ARE love.

And so when you heal your heart chakra, you really come home to yourself in a way. You return to who and what you really are. You return to your soul connection to the Universe and to the Divine creator that breathed life into you.

By healing your Heart energy center, you will unblock and unlock this bridge between your higher and lower energy centers. You will allow the Divine energy that comes in from above, and the earthy, grounding energy that comes in from below, to flow freely throughout your whole being. This flow of energy can transform your whole life - from greater and easier manifestations to healthier and more loving relationships.

This package will guide you into healing, balancing, and restoring your energetic flow with these empowering tools:

  • 5 Deeply healing heart-centered guided meditations
  • Chakra-focused and energy healing journal prompts
  • Healing affirmations with healing music
  • Sound healing with Tibetan bowls.

During the course, I will often say energy center instead of chakra (pronounced chuk-ruh). As someone with a Western perspective, I feel energy center more accurately reflects myself and my work. I will, however, sometimes say chakra, as the ancient teachings of energy that originated in India are the foundations upon which everything I know was built.

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5 Guided Meditations, Sound Healing, Affirmations, + Workbook

16 Page Deep Dive Workbook + Journal
Tender Self Love Heart Chakra Meditation
13 minutes
A Celebration of You!
14 minutes
Heart Chakra Meditation
14 minutes
Full Body Energy Healing Meditation
14 minutes
Divine Healing Love
14 minutes
Heart Energy Center Healing Affirmations
9 minutes
Heart Energy Center Sound Healing
5 minutes
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Heart Chakra Healing Package (Meditations, Affirmations, Sound Healing, Workbook)

0 ratings
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