Heart Chakra Healing Package

Melissa Field
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With this package, you will heal your Heart Chakra and remember that you are worthy of love, just as you are.

You will experience a renewed sense of inner peace, feel your inner wounds soothed and healed as you surrender them to the Divine, and find peace and calm as you bring balance and healing into your heart and soul.

​While using this package, you will feel more centered, more at peace, and more in touch with the love and divinity that resides within you.

You will release dark and heavy energies created from past traumas, low self-esteem, anxiety, and anything else that causes you anguish. 

You will also release the energy and feelings you took on from other people, that do not serve you and that you're ready to release.

And at the same time, you will feel the eternal love that resides within you. You will feel your spirits raise and your heart heal as you tune back into the power of the love that shines within you at all times.

  • Lifetime Access to all 8 audios + workbook!

  • 13 page workbook
  • 6 guided meditations
  • Heart Chakra Affirmations
  • Healing Audio
  • Lifetime Access to all 8 audios + workbook!
  • 13 page workbookPDF
  • 6 guided meditationsmp3
  • Heart Chakra Affirmationsmp3
  • Healing Audiomp3


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Heart Chakra Healing Package

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