Heal Your Life with Meditation & Visualization

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Heal Your Life with Meditation & Visualization

Melissa Field
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Donate any amount to receive this powerful package! I welcome you to leave what's right for you (and if that number is zero it's zero - I honor you where you are), based on your own sliding scale. Continue reading to find out why I'm passionate about healing, what's in this package, and what it could do for you!

For most of my life, my anxiety would start a few minutes after I woke up. Nothing would be happening - I'd be laying in my own bed, in my own room, in a space that was by all means safe and secure.

But something inside of me would tell me I wasn't safe. A wave of anxiety would wash over me, telling me to prepare myself for all the things that could happen that day. I would feel like I needed a thousand pounds of armor just to get out of bed.

Along with anxiety, I also experienced long bouts of severe depression. It was like there was a weight inside of me, constantly dragging me down and in, down into the darkest parts of my own Self.

As the years went on, I began to feel like I was screaming from within. Like a voice was yelling inside of me, "I can't live this way any longer!" I didn't know how to break free of this prison of fear and darkness. I only knew my ability to live a full and meaningful life depended on it.

It wasn't until I discovered meditation that I began to feel any sense of relief. In those tiny moments of relief, I caught glimpses of the person I was behind all the fear and limiting beliefs. I saw lights floating in the darkness, like little beacons of hope trying to guide me to places within myself I never even knew existed.

When I discovered visualization, it was like those lights exploded outwards, and the person I'd buried away became illuminated.

I'd buried that person in order to keep her safe. I was trying to protect her from the painful experiences of traumatized parents who were unknowingly passing their trauma on to me. What they passed on, more than anything, was a sense of worthlessness.

It was through visualization that I began to reprogram all the inner stories that told me my existence had no value. Through visualization, I began to see myself as a valuable and capable person. Visualization was one of the most powerful healing experiences I'd, and I continue to use it now to not only heal my past, but to create my future in the ways that I want.

In time, I began to experience myself reacting differently to life, and that's when I began to understand that real change IS possible.

Experiencing this change motivated me to go deeper into my own healing journey, and I immersed myself in learning everything I could. As my healing expanded and took root deeper and deeper within me, I began creating meditations, visualizations, and packages that would help others to find their way out of the dark.

I created this package because I know how painful it is to feel as if you're being smothered from within, but you don't know how to let yourself out to breathe and feel and exist.

I know what it's like to feel like you just can't quite catch your breath, and your stomach is in knots from the fear that no one sees your value - if it even exists at all (it does - trust me). I sincerely hope this package becomes a light on your path. Continue reading below to discover what's inside and why this healing package is different from others!

This course is divided into 4 parts:

​• Meditation
• Neural Networks
• Visualization
• The Law of Attraction

One of the most important things I learned through meditation and visualization was that there was nothing innately wrong with me.

I wasn't destined to fail. I wasn't weak and incapable. I wasn't someone that deserved to be treated poorly or less than.

What I was, was a person who had developed stories that told me these things were true. These stories were planted in me during experiences in my childhood. Feelings of rejection, abandonment, powerlessness, helplessness, shame, and more built an idea of myself that was based on FALSE information. Because my own parents had a distorted version of their own self, they didn't know how to teach me how to love and value myself.

All they could teach me was what they knew, and what they knew came through a filter of pain, insecurity, sadness and rage from their own mistreatment. Because of this, I never really learned who I was or how to feel safe or valuable in this world. What I learned was to hide myself, both literally and metaphorically, in order to survive and stay safe. If no one could see me, no one could hurt me, and I began to equate disappearing - erasing my own existence - with my personal value. I saw myself as being most valuable when no one could see or hear me.

As you can imagine, there is a huge conflict in this belief. I am worthy of love when I'm invisible. But if no one can see me, then no one actually loves me. They love the absence of me. This conflicting story twisted me up in knots so tight I practically became paralyzed by life. I didn't know which way to turn and as the ropes and knots became tighter and tighter, I got to the point where I had to break free or risk destroying myself all together.

You too have developed stories about who you are and how you fit in this world. If you're also struggling with things like fear, anxiety, and low self esteem, then you've also got a lot of stories in your brain that were created from false information. False inner stories come from a myriad of places - parents, care givers, teachers, society, the media, culture, religion, and so on. How yours developed is unique and personal to you. What I want to share with you, and what I'm passionate about, is how to unravel them and write new ones that are empowering and based in your truth.

Your Brain and Healing

Learning about how my brain works on a practical and biological level was one of the most important things I ever did for my healing. It helped me to see that I wasn't a lost cause, but rather, a person running a program in the same way a computer runs a program.

In order to change, I had to reprogram my brain. Reprogramming my thoughts and beliefs taught me how essential visualization is to healing and personal growth.

A lot of healing work focuses on meditation and the act of releasing old, limiting stories. What it doesn't focus on is how to create the NEW thoughts and beliefs that are necessary for true and lasting change. This is the heart of what makes this course unique and powerful. 

This course is truly the culmination of everything I've learned about what a healing journey ACTUALLY is. It's based not only in my own experience in healing my anxiety and depression, but on everything I learned along the way. It incorporates spirituality, psychology, neuroplasticity and the Law of Attraction. It's going to paint a picture, as clearly as possible, of how your thoughts weave with the energy of the Universe to create the life you're living now, and how you too have the power to change the life you're living.

​​The Workbook & Journal

Your workbook will instantly be delivered to you as a PDF. This comprehensive 43 page journey will allow you a fully immersive experience with each subject. Each section includes journal prompts and reflection for the deepest experience possible. The meditations and visualizations are also integrated, and you'll know when and how to use each one. Throughout the workbook, you'll also see references to the other healing packages, as this package is created to enhance and work with all of my other healing packages. ​If you'd like to explore any subject further, you'll easily be able to find which package will give you the experience you're looking for at this time.

If you know someone who would benefit from this course on healing, meditation, and working with energy, please share it!

I want this!

43 Page Workbook & Journal + 6 Guided Meditations & 2 Visualizations

Guided Meditation: The Stream of Well-Being
Meditation Practice: 2 Minute Meditation
Guided Meditation: The Love of the Universe
Guided Meditation: Awareness of Self
Guided Meditation: The Golden Ball of Healing Light
Guided Visualization: Empower Yourself with Self-Confidence & the Energy of Success
Guided Visualization: Perfect Day Mini-Visualization
Guided Meditation: Manifesting Your Best Life
4 Part Workbook & Journal (Meditation, Visualization, Neural Networks, & The Law of Attraction)


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