Emotional Freedom & The Unfoldment (set)

Melissa Field
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This meditation set can be used when you feel stuck in negative thoughts and feelings and unable to shift out of them. With two different meditations, each offering a different approach, you'll be feeling free and light again in no time. 

The Unfoldment: 9 minutes

​This soul soothing meditation will ease your mind, relax your body and release the tension that's keeping you feeling blocked, limited and small. It will bring you into harmony with your Higher Self, the Universe and the natural rhythms of your soul. It will leave you feeling calm, centered and ready to take inspired action. At 9 minutes long, it's long enough to shift and uplift your energy, but short enough that you can play it as often as you need - even daily.

​Emotional Freedom Meditation: 15 minutes

When something happens that feels negative, such as an accident, a confrontation, a loss or a disappointment, it can be easy to lose ourselves in the feelings surrounding the incident.

The more we focus on these feelings the more we become one with them, radiating them out, which only attracts more things in our outter world that match that which we're projecting. We find more things to be angry about. More things shows up that make us feel low. Things seem to go from bad to worse, further sucking us down in an endless spiral.

In order to break free of this we have to first remember that our inner world is creating our outer world. 

We have to find the good feelings within, and then life will respond in kind with a surplus of things to feel good about.

Once we get back to focusing on what makes us feel good, we can see clearly why this is so important. We aren't ignoring the thing that made us upset. We're simply choosing to value ourselves and our lives so much that we won't let our lights be dimmed for a moment longer. We're choosing what brings joy and freedom to our lives over something that is in truth already over.

In each moment we can begin again and create anew from within.

This meditation will help you to first accept where you are. Resisting our anger, pain and frustration won't make it go away. We have to first accept it and then relax and take our focus off of it, letting it dissipate on its own.

This is a great meditation to use when you feel stuck in a loop, unable to break out of repetitive thoughts of anger and frustration. It's also great to use when you already feel good, as it will help to raise your vibration even higher! It will help you to remember how powerful our abilities are as creators, and to get into the good vibes that create all the good things you dream of.

  • Two guided meditations

  • 9 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • Two guided meditations
  • 9 minutesmp3
  • 15 minutesmp3
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Emotional Freedom & The Unfoldment (set)

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