Crown Chakra Healing Package (Meditations, Affirmations, Sound Healing, Workbook)

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Right now, there is a Divine stream of energy pouring down onto you and into you through the top of your head.

This energy nourishes every cell of your body. It aligns you with a healing so deep, so powerful, that it can do things that can only be described as miraculous.

Not only does this energy work on your body, but it works on your mind, energy, and ENTIRE life. This energy is constantly bringing everything you need in every moment. It IS the Universe, and it is ensuring you stay connected to your own Self - because you ARE the Universe.

While using this Crown Chakra healing package, you will clear and open your channels to your Higher Self, Divinity, and the Universe. You will feel the lightness and joy of being in full communion with the beauty of your spirit.

By healing your Crown energy center, you UNLOCK this flow and experience profound healings and transformations in your life. You will feel the relief of receiving this powerful, Divine energy, which is ready to hold, love, and support you in every way. And you will feel the uplifting power of remembering that you are the Universe - you are this majestic, Divine, and brilliant energy.

You are Divine. And it's time you remembered and experienced how powerful that is.

This package will guide you into healing, balancing, and restoring your energetic flow with these empowering tools:

  • 5 Deeply healing guided meditations
  • Chakra-focused and energy healing journal prompts
  • Healing affirmations with healing music
  • Sound healing with Tibetan bowls.

During the course, I will often say energy center instead of chakra (pronounced chuk-ruh). As someone with a Western perspective, I feel energy center more accurately reflects myself and my work. I will, however, sometimes say chakra, as the ancient teachings of energy that originated in India are the foundations upon which everything I know was built.

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5 Guided Meditations, Sound Healing, Affirmations, + Workbook

18 Page Deep Dive Workbook + Journal
Crown Chakra Healing Meditation
10 minutes
The Golden Thread Meditation
3 Versions (5, 15, 20 minutes)
Energy Healing for Your Mind and Body (Meditation)
16 minutes
The Light of the Universe
14 minutes
Deep Breathing + I Trust... (Meditation)
14 minutes
Crown Energy Healing Affirmations
9 minutes
Crown Energy Sound Healing
6 minutes
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Crown Chakra Healing Package (Meditations, Affirmations, Sound Healing, Workbook)

0 ratings
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