Chakra Balancing Meditation

Melissa Field
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Clear, heal and balance all 7 of your chakras with this deeply relaxing meditation.

​This meditation is designed to bring balance and harmony into your entire energetic system.

It will balance and heal your chakras one after another, from your root to your crown. The original version of this meditation is 15 minutes long. It has a soothing and deeply meditative Tibetan singing bowl as the background track. In order to get the best experience and feel the vibrations of this bowl in each of your chakras, I recommend using over the ear (or noise cancelling if you have them) headphones.

If you prefer a shorter and lighter version, you can also use the 10 minute version. The background music to this one is called "Heaven and Earth" and will bathe you in feelings of lightness and calm.

​Along with this, you will also get an extended, 1 hour version.

This version also uses the Tibetan singing bowl, which will quiet your mind with its repetitive and relaxing sounds. This version ends in an open-ended way so that you may continue to meditate at the end or use it for falling asleep.

  • 15 minute mp3

  • + bonus version 1
    10 minutes
  • + bonus version 2
    1 hr sleep aid
  • 15 minute mp3
  • + bonus version 110 minutes
  • + bonus version 21 hr sleep aid
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Chakra Balancing Meditation

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