The Blue Flame

Melissa Field
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Clear old patterns and karma, connect with your Higher Self, and relax your mind and body.

The Blue Flame is a powerful healing tool that accelerates your spiritual awakening.

You will first begin with a deeply relaxing exercise. This exercise will help your mind to go quiet and to feel as if it is dissolving into a warm and loving space. You will let go of stress, anxiety, and limiting thoughts as your mind lets go and surrenders to something bigger. From this relaxed space, you will call in the flame, and allow it to continue your relaxation and healing.

As you sit with the flame, it will clear your entire energy field. It will release all the negative and heavy energy you've accumulated from this life. It will clear you of stress, worry, and fatigue. It will also clear karma you've brought in from other lives, helping you to go forward free and clear.

When you clear karma and old energetic patterns, you allow your Higher Self to come in more, and as you allow your Higher Self (or I AM presence) to merge more with you in the here and now, you are able to clear old karma even quicker. 

This meditation may clear a lot of energy, so if you feel more tired than usual please get extra rest. This wave of fatigue will pass in a day or two, and you'll feel lighter, clearer and more awake than ever. 

For a deeper healing, try the Third Eye Chakra Healing package, which includes this meditation.

  • 17 minute mp3

  • 17 minute mp3
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The Blue Flame

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