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Root Chakra Healing Package (Meditations, Affirmations, Sound Healing, Workbook)

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This powerful package is going to bring healing into the foundation of your entire energetic system.

As the foundation of your entire energy system, the Root Chakra determines the health of everything that is built on top of it. Your Root Chakra is like a cup, and it is either strong and sturdy, or cracked, broken, and leaking. This package will guide you into healing any cracks in your foundation (or rebuilding it entirely if it's unstable) with these empowering tools:

  • 5 Deeply healing guided meditations
  • Chakra-focused and energy healing journal prompts
  • Healing affirmations with healing music
  • Sound healing with Tibetan bowls.

During the course, I will often say energy center instead of chakra (pronounced chuk-ruh). As someone with a Western perspective, I feel energy center more accurately reflects myself and my work. I will, however, sometimes say chakra, as the ancient teachings of energy that originated in India are the foundations upon which everything I know was built.

As the energy center (or chakra) closest to the earth, this is your center of stability, grounding, and feeling at home and at peace in your body. When our Root Energy is balanced, we are able to set healthy boundaries, feel capable and confident, enjoy financial abundance, and feel a connection to our Divine right to exist as the person we are.

When our Root Energy Center is unbalanced or blocked, we experience greater anxiety and fear. We don't trust our own capabilities, we feel that we are not enough, and we struggle to main healthy relationships and healthy boundaries.

In order to heal the Root Energy, we want to look first at the core beliefs that have impacted this energy center. Every thought we think has a vibration to it, and because our thoughts are literally energy, their energy affects the health of our energy system.

Getting your thoughts to flow in harmony with your Root Energy center is at the heart of this package. It's going to take you through several powerful and deep journal prompts that will shift and heal you. Not only that, but it's going to explain your energy and your relationship to the Universe in ways you haven't heard before.

Along with this, you are going to get high vibrational healing audios. These audios will not only work on your thoughts and beliefs as well, but they will bring deep healing into your body. You're going to experience quantum healing through guided meditations, healing affirmations, and sound healing.

This is a powerful energy healing package! If you'd like to learn more about your own energy system, I've included a video below that will give you a quick introduction. Inside this package, we're going to go way deeper into everything I talk about.

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5 Guided Meditations, Sound Healing, Affirmations, + Workbook

20 Page Deep Dive Workbook + Journal
Root Chakra Healing Meditation
13 minutes
Coming Home to Yourself (Meditation)
12 minutes
Perfect Day Visualization
8 minutes
Grounding & Stability Meditation
8 minutes
Meditation for Setting Healthy Boundaries
13 minutes
Root Energy Healing Affirmations
15 minutes
Root Energy Sound Healing
11 minutes


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Root Chakra Healing Package (Meditations, Affirmations, Sound Healing, Workbook)

1 rating
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