Empowering Visualizations

Melissa Field
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Visualization is the powerful process of you co-creating with the unlimited energy of the Universe. In all moments, the infinite energy of the Universe is available to you. When you visualize, you focus that energy and channel it like a fast flowing river into what it is you want to create in YOUR physical reality.

Visualization is your way of taking the keys to the vehicle that is your life and stepping into the driver's seat. When you visualize, you are directing the energy of your life into the specific directions YOU desire, such as success, confidence, happiness, connection, romance, and more!

Before I understood the power of visualization, I believed and hoped that change would come from outside of me. I hoped that someone would give me the confidence I longed for, the worthiness I craved, and the abundance I dreamed of. I tried everything I could to get these external circumstances to line up, but no matter what I did, nothing changed.

It wasn't until I understood the power of my own thoughts that I came to understand that these changes had to come from within. And the easiest way to change my inner world, my internal mind map, was through visualization.

Imagine this:

After years of struggling with social anxiety, you step into a room full of people feeling confident and self-assured. Your shoulders are back. Your head held high. Your smile is relaxed and natural. This feels good.

You aren't forcing these feelings. You aren't pretending to feel good while actually feeling like you're dying inside. Your feelings are coming naturally and effortlessly, because this is the program you told your mind to run. This is what you envisioned for yourself, and because you created this program before you ever set foot in this room, you didn't have to do a single thing after getting here except to enjoy yourself and the good company.

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  • 17 Life Changing Empowering Visualizations

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  • 17 Life Changing Empowering Visualizations
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  • Lifetime access


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Empowering Visualizations

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