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Empowering Visualizations: Experience the Power of Self-Hypnosis and Quantum Shifting!

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Empowering Visualizations: Experience the Power of Self-Hypnosis and Quantum Shifting!

Melissa Field
2 ratings

When you use visualization, you use a powerful tool that accelerates your intentions for growth and transformation.

Visualization will take you from wondering, what is my highest potential?, to stepping into it as if you've stepped through a doorway into an entirely new life - one that is bigger and brighter than anything you've ever dreamed of!

Visualization is the powerful process of you reprogramming your own mind using self-hypnosis. Visualization engages both your conscious mind AND your deep subconscious, allowing you to make quantum shifts in every area of your life. These shifts can be so profound, it can feel as if you've stepped into an entirely new timeline - one in which you are living your best life!

Visualization is your way of taking the keys to the vehicle that is your life and stepping into the driver's seat. When you visualize, you are directing the energy of your life into the specific directions YOU desire, such as success, confidence, happiness, connection, romance, and more!

This package includes visualizations for:

  • Self-love
  • Body love
  • Abundance/money
  • Social confidence
  • Career confidence
  • Healthy relationships & love
  • And more!

Before I understood the power of visualization, I believed and hoped that change would come from outside of me. I hoped that someone would give me the confidence I longed for, the worthiness I craved, and the abundance I dreamed of. I tried everything I could to get these external circumstances to line up, but no matter what I did, nothing changed.

It wasn't until I understood the power of my own thoughts that I came to understand that these changes had to come from within. And the easiest way to change my inner world, my internal mind map, was through visualization.

Imagine this:

After years of struggling with social anxiety, you step into a room full of people feeling confident and self-assured. Your shoulders are back. Your head held high. Your smile is relaxed and natural. This feels good.

You aren't forcing these feelings. You aren't pretending to feel good while actually feeling like you're dying inside. Your feelings are coming naturally and effortlessly, because this is the program you told your mind to run. This is what you envisioned for yourself, and because you created this program before you ever set foot in this room, you didn't have to do a single thing after getting here except to enjoy yourself and the good company.

Visualization, in essence, is the act of creating something energetically so that it can then manifest physically.

When you visualize a desired outcome, you are doing something rather spectacular on both an energetic and a physical level. On one level, you are physically telling yourself which actions to take based on what program is running. If you continue to repeatedly visualize success, then you will take action based on that vision. On another level, you are tuning into the unlimited energy of your cosmic Self, and using that energy to co-create with the unlimited and powerful energy of the  Universe.

Let's say, for example, that socializing causes you so much anxiety it's a source of suffering in your life. By using visualization, you can begin to reprogram you mind so that when you socialize, you literally have an entirely new outcome that feels good and uplifting to you. Visualization is you putting something into the world, such as an experience, a desire, or just a new version of your own Self. When you visualize yourself at work and social events not only speaking confidently and clearly, but thoroughly enjoying yourself, you are creating an energetic version of a future event.

​Everything that happens in your life was created first energetically. Energy is everything.

Continuing with the example of social anxiety, consider now how often you anticipate a negative outcome (such as feeling anxious). How often do you first create yourself as nervous and uncertain in your mind? And now consider, how often do you create a mental version of yourself that is confident and at ease?

By the time you get into a situation, such as a party, you're already following the momentum of your energetic creation, which is most likely one that is not benefiting you. This is why it's so hard to stop anxiety in the moment. In order to stop what you're experiencing, you've got to create something from within that then changes the flow of energy. 

Changing the flow of energy when you're already feeling overwhelmed and on edge can feel impossible. However, creating a flow of energy that empowers you before you ever set foot in a room is a life changing experience.

It will make everything in your life feel so much easier. And you deserve to have that kind of a gift. You deserve to enjoy your life to its fullest!

This is why visualization is so powerful.

​It takes you from wondering why is this STILL happening? to understanding what you are creating, how you're creating, and how to SHIFT your creations to benefit your entire life. You will no longer go into situations dreading them because you feel overwhelmed and uncertain about yourself. Rather, you will walk in following the momentum of energy that says I got this. I am a capable, confident person!

How is this different from meditation? Meditation is an act of releasing. It's letting go and clearing the way for what you might create through visualization.

Both are important, but very few of us learn the importance of visualization. We release through meditation, and then wait and wait and wait for something new to come. The new, however, doesn't come until we create it. And you can create anything. 

If you can see it in your mind, you can experience it in your life! 

Take a moment now to see yourself confident, happy, and successful. See the version of you that brings you the most joy, and know that if you can see it, it's because it's a part of you. It's already within you, waiting to be brought forth.

​One of the best ways to understand visualization is to think about how an athlete would approach a game or match.

Professional athletes intuitively understand the power of visualization. They know that to throw a ball to a specific place, they must first see it going there in their mind. If you were to shoot a basketball at a hoop, you would not see the ball flying in the opposite direction in your mind, because you know that would work against you.

You have places you want to go in your life, things you want to experience, goals you want to achieve, and you will do them all but - 

You must first give your life force a direction to flow in, and you will do this through visualization.

If you've ever wanted to rewrite your life and change the story of yourself, then you're in the right place. When using these visualizations, it will be like you've turned a page in your inner world, and you're now writing your new story on that new page. Visualization is the powerful process of creating from within.

Try Your First Visualization For Free!

These 21 visualizations will take you from lack and limited thinking and into unlimited and empowered thinking. 

While using them, you will rewire your brain for success, confidence, good health, and happiness.

Each time you listen to one of the audios, the new story you're writing will sink deeper into your subconscious.

They are like a life hack for next level living. If you've ever wanted a short cut to creating your best Self, then this is what you've been looking for. These visualizations will upgrade you entire inner world, and all you have to do is sit back, listen, and visualize the guidance!

Over time, that story will become your dominant program, and the old stories that don't serve you will fade away into the background. If you listen to one of these visualizations for 21 days straight, you will notice profound shifts in your life and sense of self.

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