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30 Day Vibration Raising Journey

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There is a light inside of you brighter and more powerful than anything in this Universe. You carry the spark of the Divine within you, and when you return to that light, you burn away everything that doesn't vibrate in harmony with it.

Over these next 30 days, you will immerse yourself in the most spiritual and healing journey you have ever embarked upon. You will finish it not just believing that you are the Universe, but knowing it, and knowing what that truly means.

Try your first audio right now! Hit play, close your eyes, and enjoy.

This 30 day experience is the most spiritual and soulful package I have ever created. It will take you deep into your inner Self and nourish you from the inside out. It will connect you to the Universe, your Higher Self, your spirit guides, and the magic of your own soul.

This is a truly powerful course that will help you to see yourself and your relationship to the cosmos in ways you never have before. If you've been on a journey of spiritual awakening, or you've been wanting to begin one, then you were guided here for a reason!

By immersing yourself in this high vibrating course every day for 30 days you will create powerful momentum in your life that can lead to profound new awakenings and even miracles. It was designed to help shift your energy, perhaps to help get you out of rut, or to get you to vibrate higher to accelerate your manifestations.

When you vibrate higher and higher every day for 30 days in a row, you find yourself coming into a space of deep alignment with the cosmic magic of the Universe.

​Your daily meditations will energize, inspire, and empower you. Through these meditations, you will feel reconnected to the Source of Creation, to your endless capacity for love and joy, and to the magic of life. Most of the meditations are around 5 minutes and ideal for daily use. A few are longer and take you on a bit deeper experience, with the longest being 9 minutes.

These meditations are like a magic wand for your energy. They will do all the work for you in getting your mind and body to shift into light, joy-filled feelings. Each one will feel like a trusted friend is walking with you, supporting and encouraging you as you find your way back to the love and divinity that resides deep within you.

By energizing your day in these high vibrating feelings, you will become open and receptive to the blessings the Universe has lined up for you.

When you combine these meditations with the soul nourishing journal prompts, you will begin to see beautiful moments of magic happening in your life. The journal prompts will help you with releasing resistance, releasing fear, connecting deeper within, envisioning your dream life, and more.

​Each journal prompt works as a companion to its daily audio. Writing is one of the most powerful ways to shift your energy. When you write and focus on things such as gratitude, love, and deep, inner alignment, you awaken and uplift in ways you never dreamed possible. The things you write will help you to enhance and deepen what you experience with the meditations.

​​This is a truly powerful spiritual course that will help you to see yourself in ways you never have before. 

Your self-esteem will rise and your stress and insecurity will decrease. ​It will be like you are returning home to yourself, to your eternal Self, and remembering how beautiful, powerful and divine you really are. Not only that, but you will also see the world around you in new ways also. You will see possibility, hope, and love in your life.

Life will no longer seem like a daily struggle, but rather like a beautiful gift waiting to bless you with its magic.

Your journal will instantly be delivered to you as a PDF. You can print it as many times as you like, doing the course each time you need some good vibes and a positive shift in your life. The workbook and meditations are yours to keep for life.

By the time you finish this magical experience, you will be in a brighter, more empowered space! Best of all, when you finish, you have an 18 minute bonus meditation that will keep your high vibes going long after the course is over.

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30 Day Vibration Raising Journey

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